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Friday, July 6, 2012


The Custom Comic Shop was going through some old boxes in an attempt to straighten up the studio, and stumbled across an old correspondence between our main Illustrator, George Leon, and Jim Lee!  The letter reads:

Siena, Italy  Nov. 0, 1989

Dear George,
As you can see, it takes a great deal of time for me to answer my mail, but the sheer magnitude of your praise has led me to pic up a pen & paper and return a correspondence.  Truth be known, I am living in Italy (until next summer), so it has taken a great deal of time for your letter to reach me.  But I must thank you for your unparalleled interest in my work!  I'm glad someone gets as big a thrill out of it as I do drawing it.

Per your questions
A)  Levin will be recurring to PWJ.  Probably issue 19 or so, but I may have left the book by then, to different pastures.  I may take up X-men if Marc Silvestri relinquishes his position.  There's a tail of Wolverine mini series with Chris Claremont...
B) Here's a partial list of upcoming work:
PJW 14, 15 Covers only
PWJ 16 - 18
PWJ 23 - 25 (tentative)
PUN - Nick Fury graphic novel (August, 1990)
X-Men 256 - 258
Critical Mass #2 (5 pages done in St George style)
X-Men Poster

Again, Thanks for your interest and kind remarks.  I hop I never Let you down.

Jim Lee

Had to share!!

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