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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hi All,

ChipIn proved to be successful for us, once before! We're reaching out again. The Custom Comic Shop is looking to expand our product. How? Making buttons!! We will be using our own art as the designs, and listing them in a new section in our Etsy shop,

A little information, regarding the CCS..Circumstances require us to be home with our youngest daughter, and we are relying on the talent of our Illustrator, to help keep this ship financially afloat. Working from home, is tough, but we are up for the challenge. Since our funds are extremely limited, we have experienced a little difficulty getting this shop up and running and making us enough money to stay home with our little one. This is why we turn to our friends and family. We just need to supply ourselves with the tools needed, to make this work!

We have researched for quite some time, on what product would best benefit our new product in regards to longevity. The American Button Machines, seem to be the best tool for our shop's creators.

Any donation is much appreciated, and those who can donate $50 or more will receive a sketch as thanks, from our Illustrator. Of course, if you can't donate, it's fine!! You can help, by sharing the link to the ChipIn event to those that you know. Any exposure can only help our please consider passing this event along.



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